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Harness the value of about 30 years of combined sales experience through a consulting engagement with Leadle.

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Are you facing any of these problems?

You want to set up your sales team, but don't know where to start

Your sales reps are not performing consistently

You aren’t sure exactly what caused success, so you can’t replicate it.

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According to a Salesforce report, only 24% of Sales Reps are completely confident in their ability to book meetings and close deals. This is not an encouraging statistic, but you can dramatically improve it by creating a sales playbook, standardizing a lead generation process and using the right tools.


We understand your company and the products/services you offer, the problems you solve, and the value you deliver. We assess your existing processes, messaging, who your competitors are, what your competitive advantage is, and what the reason for your existence is. We understand the industry you operate in and the projected trends for this industry.

Goal Setting

We sit down with you and together, we decide exactly where we want to be in 3 months, 6 months, and one year. How many meetings do we want to book? What markets should we target? How many closures are we looking at per month, per quarter, and in the year? What is the investment we should be making to achieve these results? These are some of the important questions we will answer together.

Process Development

Based on our understanding of your offerings and goals, we start outlining the process. This includes a clear definition of your ideal customer profile, the decision-makers and influencers you need to be aware of and their individual pain points, the development of multi-channel cadences and messages through email, cold call, and LinkedIn, and the decision of what tools and databases you need to be using to help you achieve your goals. Finally, we will also define a lead nurturing plan to ensure your B2B strategy enables you to be top-of-mind for all your prospects.


Through team training sessions as well as one-on-one coaching, we train your team to understand the defined processes and the reasoning behind them. We help them deploy the cadences successfully to book meetings. We also teach your team about the variety of customer responses to cold sales messages and the interpretation of these responses, with the best possible replies in these varied instances.

Achieving your sales goals every month is not only possible but extremely easy. It all begins with a great process.