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Hundreds of millions of influential and powerful professionals are investing their time on LinkedIn. It is no surprise then, that most B2B marketers are focussing on creating a solid LinkedIn content marketing strategy.

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Turn your LinkedIn profile into an Inbound Lead Generation Machine

Having a stellar content creation and distribution plan is an expensive and time consuming affair for many start-ups and SMEs.

This is where Leadle can help. Our team of LinkedIn experts will ensure that you can build and maintain a high-quality and high-influence profile with content that is relevant, professional, and powerful.

Building brand awareness and social credibility

Leveraging your company as a thought-leader

Building relationships with potential customers

Attracting high-quality employees

Profile Reputation Management

It all begins with building and maintaining a great profile. We audit your profile to ensure that it is in line with what your audience would like to see about you. We send out connection requests on your behalf, helping you build professional relationships organically with people in your industry. We create unique content and share it on a regular basis, establishing you as a thought leader in your industry.

These actions, performed with consistency and quality, lead to organic lead generation and to better success with targeted LinkedIn lead generation activities.

Company Page Management

Your company’s LinkedIn page is on par with your website as the place that prospective customers and employees look for information about your company.

Depending on the primary goals you choose for your LinkedIn content marketing plan, we devise a content strategy that combines case studies, white papers, Industry articles, How-to content, Company news, Webcast, Blog content, etc. Our strategies will lead to consistent growth in the long term, giving you excellent business opportunities and helping you recruit the best minds to your company.

That is what omni-channel campaigns are for. They use every channel- email, LinkedIn and phone as a part of drip campaigns or cadences. Email is especially important here because email leads have a 40 time higher conversion rate than social media leads.

5 years of experience in using LinkedIn as a lead generation platform has given us a unique insight into the successful use of the platform. The answer is not the Spray and Pray type of LinkedIn campaigns, which seem to be all the rage today. Such campaigns do more harm than good in the long run, both for your company and your personal profile.