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All companies start small. Behind the success is the effort, and time of many people toiling away to make it happen.

From technology to finance and capital to consulting, our people and processes have catalyzed sales for organizations across the globe.

Leadle exists to enable start-ups, small business and enterprises to increase their bottom line through sales innovation.

When the story began
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Where it began

It all started in the spring of 2015 in Bengaluru, India. One of our founders left her highly lucrative job after realizing that there was a huge need for marketing and sales support in the Start-up and SME space.

365 days and 4 clients later, Leadle was founded in Chennai, India.

The guiding principles

Leadle will always prioritize people and processes because we believe that these are the two keys to accelerated, sustained growth for our clients. Our sales professionals come from various states, speak different languages and practice different religions, but are all uniform in their focus on learning, growth, and continuous improvement, thus constantly enabling our clients to crush their sales goals.

Be fair. Be equal.

Say it like it is.

Don't scr*w the customer

Be the change.

The fuel that keeps us going

Our Clients

We wouldn't be where we are without the support and trust of our customers. Every customer is special, and every customer is important.

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Our Partners

We've been fans of many companies and tools over the years. We're lucky to call some of them partners today. Together, we're improving sales. One client at a time.

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and the most important of them all

Our People

Harinie Sekaran
Co-Founder & CEO

Harinie Sekaran

Harinie bootstrapped Leadle, a Chennai-based B2B lead generation company that has grown 3x in the last year and is poised to grow 5x this year. We have over 150+ happy clients and we are the go-to sales agency if you have a high-value product/service with a complex sales cycle

Suraj Seetharaman
Co-Founder & COO

Suraj Seetharaman

Our focus on process, continuous improvement and sales innovation come from our resident critic and Co-Founder Suraj. His 10+ years of experience in setting methods, standards, and quality means that nothing slips through the cracks at Leadle

Vikram Ramakrishnan
Head - Partnerships & Key Accounts

Vikram Ramakrishnan

Vikram Ramakrishnan

Vikram Ramakrishnan is a seasoned client relations professional with over 10 years of diverse industry experience. He is known for his ability to understand client needs and negotiate successful outcomes, create long-lasting relationships, and drive positive business synergies with a focus on customer satisfaction. His key competencies include key account management, stakeholder management, customer lifecycle strategy, onboarding, and partnership strategies.

Pavithra Chandrasekaran
Manager - People & Culture

Pavithra Chandrasekaran

Pavithra Chandrasekaran

Pavithra Chandrasekaran is a highly skilled HR professional with a wealth of experience in various domains. With over 7 years of expertise, Pavithra excels in strategizing and implementing complex HR structures and policies, creating customized people practices, and managing the entire employee life cycle. Her proficiency extends to recruitment, talent management, culture and engagement, and  change management. Her expertise lies in creating policies and structures from ground-up, resolving intricate people problems, and designing robust hiring processes.

Rahul Mutharasu
Campaign Manager

Rahul Mutharasu

Rahul Mutharasu

Rahul brings to the table a profound understanding of a strategic approach to GTM, devising successful lead generation campaigns, and crafting comprehensive sales training materials.

With a keen understanding of market trends and a data-driven approach, he has consistently implemented strategic sales plans to streamline processes by identifying crucial areas for enhancement. This has led to the fostering of a culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Naveen Kumar
RevOps Manager

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

As a RevOps expert, Naveen has been instrumental in driving Leadle's success through cross-functional collaboration and operational excellence. In his role as the Revenue Operations at Leadle, he has implemented scalable processes and data-driven decision-making frameworks, fostering collaboration between sales, marketing, CX, and finance teams leading  to operational excellence and improved customer satisfaction.

Saiganesh Subramanian
Sr. Business Development Representative

Saiganesh Subramanian

Saiganesh Subramanian

With over 4 years of experience in sales, he is a dedicated professional at Leadle, skillfully managing sales and customer acquisition. Sai's expertise spans handling inbound traction, event participation, and guiding leads to successful closures. He is passionate about engaging with tech industry luminaries and committed to adding value through insightful conversations

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