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Steady growth path

Leadle grew 158% in 2020. You can grow just as quickly with us. We invest in your learning and give you continuous training opportunities so that your skills are honed. We do not believe in annual assessments because most of our employees are progressing too quickly for a once-in-a-year assessment. At Leadle, you will be seen. You will be heard. You will be acknowledged.

Work-life balance

We offer you a flexible work schedule so that you are responsible for creating your day. We also believe that the team that plays together, stays together. So, we regularly host parties, have monthly getaways and play board games, so that team spirit at Leadle is always high.

Nurturing work environment

We believe that our people are our biggest assets. So, you will get any kind of support you need from us. We will constantly give you feedback, look out for any special talents you have to put you on an accelerated path and most important of all, we will allow you to make small mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

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