Lead Generation service for a Cloud based Document Management and Audit Tool.

Target Markets

Auggit is a complete document management tool that enables customers to convert their paper documents into digital documents, automate financial processes and hence reducing the need for tedious bookkeeping.


Auggit, being a newly found product, wanted to analyze market response to their product. They also needed a partner who could assist with new customer acquisition in a constant and consistent manner, targeting the Indian market. Auggit had previously run only a cold calling outbound campaign. From that campaign, they provided Leadle Consulting with their Assumed Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), which included companies with an employee size ranging from 1 to 500, annual revenue of 10 to 100 Crore rupees, Industry vertical as agnostic,  tech stack to be Tally as their accounting tool or having an any ERP system present. Their Assumed Buyer Persona ranged from C-Level to Heads of Procurement, Finance, and IT departments.

solution & results

Leadle Consulting developed a targeted outbound sales strategy to help Auggit identify and engage with potential customers. Through this multi-channel approach, including email, LinkedIn, and phone calls, Leadle Consulting reached out to their assumed buyer persona and scheduled appointments with them.

By strategizing their outbound campaign, Leadle Consulting discovered that CXOs and Heads were resonating best with Auggit's offering, and department-wise, Finance and IT worked best. Auggit also identified through the appointments booked that they were unable to cater to potential  clients having an ERP system immediately, as it required a lot of backend IT setup. Hence, companies using Tally were also identified as the best-suited customers for Auggit.

Through the campaign, it was also analyzed that companies with an employee size of 51-200 is the sweet spot for Auggit's product. Leadle Consulting also chose three industries based on the best customer stories available, of which the Manufacturing industry was identified to be best suited for Auggit's offering.

Through strategy and execution of a dedicated outbound campaign, Leadle Consulting was able to deliver 200% more volume of meetings with high-intent than projections for Q1 when Auggit signed the contract.

As a result of the partnership with Leadle Consulting, Auggit was able to refine their ICP, gain valuable insights into the market response to their product, and benchmark their engagement metrics as : 

Cold Call Pickup rate - 41%   

LinkedIn connection Rate - 25%

And, average response rate to their  Ideal Target Mix  as 5%.

This collaboration enabled Auggit to refine their outbound sales process and product further through interaction with the decision makers in their Ideal ICP to improve middle to bottom funnel metrics at benchmarked top of the funnel metrics.


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