Go-To-Market strategy for an cashback platform - Amigo.

Target Markets

Amigo is a cashback platform that empowers D2C businesses to leverage authentic, smaller social accounts for increased sales and ROI, while enabling their customers to monetize their social presence through cashback and rewards programs.


The challenge for Amigo was to validate their product-market fit and identify the ideal customer profile (ICP) in the highly competitive US market. To achieve this, the company aimed to gather valuable insights into their market positioning by holding productive meetings with potential clients.

solution & results

Leadle Consulting provided expert guidance to Amigo by employing a multi-channel approach to reach potential clients. They targeted startup companies in the USA and Canada with annual revenues between $50,000 and $5 million.

The campaign used various strategies, such as messaging to conduct interviews with potential customers and partners, validating Amigo's assumptions through discovery cold calls, interviews with key stakeholders at companies, and sales pitches to validate the market's response towards Amigo's product.

The personalization part was split into four groups:

  • based on relevant posts or articles
  • based on company growth and news
  • based on achievements or endorsements
  • based on the latest industry news.

These efforts led to crucial insights for Amigo, including:

  1. The sales pitch, which emphasized the intent to sell at each line, generated positive responses from D2C retailers in the Email channel, proving its effectiveness.
  2. A simple LinkedIn message with a single-sentence connection request outperformed more complex approaches.
  3. Connection rates were higher for Managers, Founders, and CXOs than for any other roles targeted.
  4. Personalization showed limited effectiveness in both LinkedIn and Email channels.
  5. Conventional ways of cold calling did not work while reaching out to CEOs and Founders. By changing the opener to a     question-based line after confirming the prospect, e.g., "Do you do any influencer-based campaigns at "{{company name}}?" responses increased.

With the combination of valuable insights, productive engagement, and strategic efforts, it became clear that Amigo had the potential to address the problem statement effectively. However, it was discovered that Amigo had a major loophole in their offering as they were not tax compliant in the US, which posed a significant obstacle to entering the US market.

Thanks to the guidance and key insights from Leadle Consulting, Amigo is now prepared to navigate the e-commerce landscape with confidence, refine their product, and gain a deeper understanding of Amigo's market fit.


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