Efficient Capital Labs


GTM for a company that provides non-dilutive capital for SaaS startups

Target Markets

Efficient Capital Labs provides non-dilutive revenue based financing in a fast, seamless & cost-effective manner to SaaS Businesses within 3 days. ECL is powered by their own debt facility and companies can receive upto 75% of their projected revenue as upfront capital.


Since ECL’s target market was only SaaS businesses with presence in the US-India corridor, it was difficult to identify where exactly there is a need for their services because the target was extremely niche. 

The objective was to leverage our GTM process to validate target buyer assumptions, the perceived value proposition and also identify the Go-to-market strategy that generates qualified leads to set up meetings that ultimately convert into potential clients.

solution & results

Leadle deployed a 3 channel Go To Market strategy campaign that included Email, LinkedIn and Cold Calling. Our goal was to validate if their assumed ICP of early and growth stage SaaS businesses was correct.

The Leadle team then:

  1. Conducted account based research and came up with a highly customized and relevant outreach through cold calls, emails and LinkedIn messaging.
  2. Developed and established 3 key assumptions critical to test and validate before entering into the target market.
  3. Developed different variants of personalized and semi personalized content and found out that a pure discovery based approach worked best.
  4. Revised the target mix and identified and sourced ideal customer discussions exclusively with founders and co-founders.
  5. Unearthed the fact that revenue numbers in databases being used for outreach weren’t reliable and this criteria was only cutting down TAM.

We set out to achieve 10 discovery meetings by reaching out to a maximum of 600 prospects from 200-300 accounts in the pilot period. The Leadle team ended up achieving 26 fulfilled meetings with an achievement rate of 240%.

After a successful pilot period, we went with an ABSD approach for the next six months which gave ECL 83 fulfilled meetings. Leadle has been able to support ECL in showing considerable market traction by building a healthy pipeline of leads and these efforts have also been instrumental in aiding ECL secure their next round of funding. 🚀


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