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Multi-channel appointment setting for a USA based Salesforce partner

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Minuscule Technologies is a reputed Salesforce-certified solution provider based in the US. Guided by fundamental values of passion, excellence, and customer-centricity, the organization collaborates with businesses to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions through technological advancements and innovative strategies.


Minuscule Technologies aimed to diversify its user base within the US market, which had been confined to the healthcare and BFSI sectors. Their primary focus centered around tackling challenges related to low user adoption, attributed to the complexity of Salesforce, and optimizing licensing costs for their customers. Prior to its partnership with Leadle, the company lacked experience in running outbound campaigns. The absence of data to measure the market response to their services posed an additional challenge.

Starting from February 2022, at the beginning of our partnership, we took on the responsibility of identifying and segmenting the target audience. This exercise proved to be instrumental in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the demographics and preferences of potential customers. Armed with this knowledge, Leadle devised effective strategies for reaching and engaging with the company’s audience in a more targeted manner.

solution & results

Leadle executed a comprehensive multi-channel campaign encompassing Email, LinkedIn, and Calls, with a focus on B2B tech, manufacturing, hospital & healthcare, and edtech companies in the US. The primary objective was to validate their targeting and communication strategies, laying the groundwork for expanding into diverse markets and geographies.

The key methodologies employed by Leadle included:

  • Developing a role-based value proposition tailored to the target audience: Leadle meticulously designed value propositions tailored to suit the unique roles and responsibilities of potential customers within B2B tech companies.
  • Implementing varied strategies for different geographies: By acknowledging the distinct characteristics and preferences of diverse regions, Leadle's strategies, whether it be hyper-personalized, semi-personalized, templated, or account-based, were tailored to effectively engage with companies in different geographical locations.
  • Identifying stakeholders and tailoring communication strategies: Leadle conducted thorough research to identify the various stakeholders within the target audience. Based on these insights, Leadle devised individualized communication strategies for each stakeholder group, ensuring personalized and impactful outreach. The campaign underwent refinement based on the feedback received from phone calls with prospects.
  • Creating an outbound sales framework: Leadle established a systematic and organized outbound sales framework that facilitated the company's interactions with prospective clients in a structured and efficient manner.

Thanks to our strategic efforts, Leadle effectively reached out to more than 22,000 prospects using LinkedIn, Email, and Phone campaigns. Additionally, the expansion of target markets, especially manufacturing, resulted in 8 successful meetings in just one month and the largest deal closure the company had ever experienced. Since partnering with Leadle, the company has achieved 4 successful deal closures.

The methodologies employed by Leadle proved highly effective for Minuscule Technologies, resulting in a significant increase in revenue and overall business growth. The company is now establishing an in-house outbound team and is in discussions with Leadle to provide training and support. They have also expanded operations to the MENA, US, and Indian markets.


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