Multi-channel appointment setting for an AI-powered customer intelligence platform

Target Markets

SOLUS AI is a system of Intelligence designed to personalize customer engagement in a big way. The company furnishes an array of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms tailored for precise segment-of-one recommendations, triggers, content creation, and content enhancement. The goal? To make sure customers get the right content at the right time, whether the brand reaches out to them or they reach out to the brand.


SOLUS developed a unique product tailored for businesses wanting to enhance their customer interactions, particularly those brands heavily reliant on customer data. While the tool was built to provide personalized experiences, SOLUS faced a major pain point: their previous marketing campaigns didn't hit the mark, and they lacked a robust system for outreach. 

This gap in their process meant they struggled to resonate with and attract new customers as effectively as they'd hoped.

solution & results

The initial task at hand was to craft a persona-specific value proposition for SOLUS. This required an in-depth analysis of their target market, followed by creating an engagement blueprint for each identified persona.

Leadle rolled out a comprehensive multi-channel outbound campaign across LinkedIn, email, and direct engagement. The goal was to gauge how the target groups responded and refine SOLUS's messaging accordingly. Our efforts centered on mid-market to large-scale businesses across diverse sectors. Through a role-specific targeting strategy, we orchestrated engagement across various touchpoints, accentuating the merits of SOLUS's solutions. Additionally, as SOLUS aimed to branch out to new regions after Asia, Leadle created customized campaigns for each location, catering to the distinct personas in those markets.

By the second month of teaming up with SOLUS, Leadle's strategies started showing promising results. The persona-based value proposition, combined with well-thought-out messaging, sparked considerable interest. Impressively, rapid feedback from major corporate entities marked a notable leap toward successful conversions.

Key takeaways for SOLUS from this venture encompass:

  • The efficacy of a persona-centric value proposition in delivering relevant messages to the right recipients.
  • The necessity of tailoring the outbound process to suit distinct geographical regions.
  • Establishing a streamlined communication channel for prompt customer engagement.
  • The significance of adapting messaging to resonate effectively with the intended audience.


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