Comprehensive multi-channel outbound strategy for a leading provider of digital banking solutions.

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Trustt is a leading provider of digital banking solutions. They help banks, Fintechs, and NBFCs deliver financial products to their customers, focusing on customer convenience, operational efficiency, and security. Trustt provides its clients with a cloud-based SAAS banking platform and GPT-based conversational suite, enabling a seamless banking experience across multiple channels.


Trustt, at the outset, needed to possess a well-established outbound process. In recognition of this, Trustt enlisted the services of Leadle to orchestrate their appointment-setting initiative, spanning the regions of India and the Asia-Pacific (APAC). Notably, their prevailing operational framework primarily relied on referrals, with a particular emphasis on the Indian market. However, the objective entailed expanding beyond the Indian market, encompassing broader geographical areas, including APAC, with a specific criterion for clientele alignment.

solution & results

To enhance Trustt's outreach efforts, a comprehensive multi-channel outbound strategy was devised, incorporating LinkedIn and email as primary channels. These endeavors strategically leveraged existing initiatives, particularly those involving the promotion and positioning of the company through conferences and events within the target markets. Notably, a refined focus was directed towards specific geographical regions, and a persona-based value proposition was crafted to better align the outbound program with the overarching objectives of the company.

Leadle undertook a systematic and scientific approach to construct the outbound process tailored to Trustt's needs, encompassing the following essential steps:

  1. Careful identification of the optimal value proposition tailored to the selected target audience in their respective geographies.
  2. Aligning the sales process with ongoing marketing endeavors to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  3. Deployment of case studies as compelling evidence of expertise and experience strategically tailored to resonate with prospects across diverse geographical regions.
  4. Consolidating Trustt's diverse services into a unified value proposition, adeptly addressing the multifaceted challenges inherent in the digital lending sector, rather than segmenting each service to correspond with individual issues.
  5. Creating a templated and repeatable process, thoughtfully curated to suit distinct market segments.
  6. Presentation of a Proof of Concept featuring a precision-targeted strategy directed at event and tradeshow attendees, aligned with Trustt's event calendar.

The successful execution of the Proof of Concept paved the way for its full-scale implementation at Trustt, resulting in a highly effective appointment-setting campaign. This subsequently prompted the exploration of additional avenues, including a comprehensive appointment-setting initiative, each tailored to distinct geographical landscapes. Importantly, this outbound process remained in line with the client's overarching brand and positioning strategy, thereby elevating the effectiveness of the sales campaign and the precision of its targeting efforts. Leadle was then onboarded as the dedicated vendor for outbound services until the end of this financial year.


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