SDR Accelerator Program

Master the art of sales with a comprehensive, impactful, and result-driven program
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Equipping SDRs for the Future of Sales

Drawing from the successful outbound campaigns executed by Leadle, the SDR Accelerator Program blends a methodical approach to create a custom framework aligned with your specific business practices. It equips your SDRs to elevate their skills, fostering meaningful dialogues, pinpointing and harnessing pertinent insights, and crafting compelling campaigns that transform prospects into valued customers.The program runs on a hybrid model over six weeks, mixing in-depth classroom sessions with tailored offline guidance. It's a holistic learning experience for your SDR crew, setting them up for continuous growth and progress.





Build a Team of Top Performers

The SDR Accelerator Program is crafted to boost the capabilities of top-tier sales teams, honing their skills in designing and rolling out powerful outbound campaigns.

Mastery in Adjusting Tactics

Team Synergy

Expertise in Tackling Sales Hurdles

Ongoing Skill Upgradation

Proactive Response to Market Changes

Amplified ROI on Campaigns

Classroom Sessions

The program delivers power-packed classroom sessions, laser-focused on shaping behavior-driven selling that resonates with the distinct needs of varied outbound initiatives. Dive deep into:
  • Crafting Compelling Content
  • Analyzing the Competition
  • Mastering Tools and Tech
  • Navigating Social Selling
  • Tackling Situational Sales
In this immersive environment, we employ dynamic methods like role-playing, real-time prospecting scenarios, and mock client interactions to sharpen your SDRs' prowess to its peak.

Mentorship: Train with Industry Experts

Pair up with an expert mentor to deep dive into the nuances of prospecting and appointment setting! These seasoned guides not only coach SDRs throughout the program but also remain accessible for advice for three months post-completion. Drawing from their vast experience, they help your SDRs shape impactful content, design potent campaigns, and choose the best tools and channels.

Assessment & Growth

The SDR Accelerator Program is more than just a course; it's a journey of continuous evaluation and growth for your outbound team.

Initial Skill Gauge

We first understand where your team stands. An initial assessment captures their current capabilities, setting the stage for tailored growth.

Coursework & Performance Tracking

We keep a close eye on performance. This ensures that learning is not just theoretical but also practical and impactful.

The Final Project

Each SDR undertakes a final project. With access to all course materials and the added advantage of personalized coaching, they're equipped to deliver their best.

Capstone Report

All the evaluations, from start to finish, are distilled into the Capstone report. The report is a roadmap for their future growth in your organization, ensuring that the learning doesn't stop at the program's end.

Elevate your Sales Success with Leadle’s SDR Accelerator Program!