February 24, 2023

Is Outbound enough to get you leads?

"I have a great drip sequence, the right set of tools, personalized emails/messages and good SDRs but I'm still not getting enough traction."

If this is you,  keep reading as to how you can turn around your lead count (and make it stay that way!).

A lot of start-ups/SMBs doing outbound, especially in the US, find that setting up a drip sequence, getting the right tech stack in place, writing good content and constantly optimizing are still not enough to get that machinery going.

What are you missing?

Almost always its:

1. A great website✅

2. Good SEO✅

3. Reviews on third-party sites✅

4. Branding✅

All of these elements, especially a kick-ass website, need to be a part of your sales team too!

This is especially true when selling to a market like the US, where prospects prefer to do a lot of the discovery about a product/ service on their own...or so they think ;).  A great email, for example, will not necessarily make them book a meeting with you, but will drive them to your website followed by review sites. If these elements aren’t doing their job, I hate to tell you but you will never hear from that prospect.

There’s no contesting that outbound is your quickest way to generate leads in a new market, but relying on them solely is like building a house on quicksand. You need a solid foundation, which includes all the pieces of the puzzle we mentioned to see long-term, predictable success with your growth goals. So, let's get those ducks in a row and see your lead count soar!

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