November 6, 2017

What is the best time to reach a cold prospect?

Timing is crucial in outreach success. This guide highlights the importance of choosing the optimal moment for contacting cold prospects to enhance engagement and results. Strategically timing your approach can significantly improve the effectiveness of your sales efforts, leading to more meaningful connections and opportunities.

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Good outbound calls are imperative to the sales strategy of any organization, especially in the competitive landscape of software companies. They serve as a bridge for software product teams to establish personal connections with prospects, assess needs on the spot, and provide quick results and closures. This human interaction not only aids in market validation but also contributes significantly to customer satisfaction. Given the reliance on customer support resources to enhance the software business's growth rate, it's not surprising that companies, ranging from small businesses to larger entities, continue leveraging this channel for sales and lead generation.

Being a consulting firm that prides itself on understanding the intricacies of market entry and expansion, Leadle Consulting has navigated through a myriad of strategies aimed at different target markets. Our experiences have brought us insights into the best times and methods for achieving product market fit through effective customer interaction.


Monday mornings, often bogged down by the rush to catch up with emails and meetings, are notoriously bad for making calls. However, Mondays afternoons and Tuesdays have proven to be golden opportunities for our team member tasked with appointment setting, reaching the right contacts to establish initial communication. This period is also optimal for sending follow-up emails about our products and services, gearing towards warming up our target customers.


Customer feedback and detailed discussions are more forthcoming on Wednesdays and Thursdays. These days have been earmarked as the best for deepening customer relationships and understanding specific needs, crucial for tailored product management and service offers. These insights play a significant role in refining our outbound calling strategy, focusing on market expansion through targeted customer support resources.


Contrary to expectations, Fridays have yielded minimal market growth through cold calling. Instead, this day has become pivotal for our software business in conducting internal reviews, team training, and strategizing on product features enhancement based on the week's customer feedback.

Given our commitment to product idea innovation and customer loyalty, we believe in the importance of dedicating time to refine our approach, including our SDR Accelerator Program.


Successful outreach is not just about the day; timing plays a crucial role. Our peak periods for engagement are between 10AM to 12PM and 2PM to 4:30PM, deviating from the standard early or late calls. Our experimentation, including the Top of the Hour calling method, highlighted the importance of adaptability and led generation efficiency, essential factors for early-stage software businesses seeking market fit and expansion.

In conclusion, our journey through varying strategies, from leveraging customer support resources to refining our outbound calling approach, underscores the importance of customer-centric approaches for software companies. Each interaction, guided by thoughtful timing and strategies such as the SDR Accelerator Program and Leadle Consulting’s insights, can significantly influence market entry success and long-term growth. Taking these insights, we encourage other businesses to experiment and find their stride in connecting with their target audience efficiently

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